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Type of BP
Implementation & management solutions
Typology of Non- Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) What kind of NCWR do you deal with ?:
Municipal wastewater (MWW), Other
Other Typology:
Municipal treated wastewater
What are the challenges raised by your Best Practice?
Difficult access to water, Water for irrigation and food production is not available, Environmental pollution, NCW not valued locally, Closing the water and nutrient cycle, Better selection of Implementation criteria of NCW systems, Inadequate decisions by decision-makers, User behaviour not adapted, Vulnerability to climate Change, Reclacitrance to use treated NCW
How could you describe your Best Practice?
Waterose is a student-led social entrepreneurship initiative aimed at promoting the reuse of treated wastewater of small wastewater treatment plants that are currently underutilized, especially in agricultural regions that are affected by climate change. This is done in collaboration with key stakeholders in this sector.
Waterose established pilot demonstration sites to promote innovative, responsible, and profitable plant production systems (such as forage crops, industrial crops, ornamentals, and forest plants under greenhouses, etc.).
The goal is to reconcile farmers with treated wastewater and enhance the younger generation's connection to their land. Our initiative seeks to develop a cooperative of producers, starting with two potential sites for the utilization of treated wastewater: Kantaret Benzart and Sidi Amor, serving as demonstration pilots for agricultural irrigation and green entrepreneurship. The aim is to replicate this model in other locations. This is now feasible for a portion of the beneficiary farmers of the future cooperative, thanks to a treated wastewater supply system previously designed and installed by young student engineers from Enactus INAT at Kantaret Benzart.
Please describe your Best Practice in 5 keywords?
Scalable, Efficient, Sustainable, Cost-effective , Community-Based
In which area has your Best Practice been implemented ?
Agricultural area
Best Practice location implementation (Country)
POINT (10.079059406884 36.994884379953)
Please add the date of implementation of your best practice
Who are the beneficiaries and/or the target group of your Best Practice ?
f the Best Practice has been implemented within a partnership, who were your partners ?
CRDA ariana
GDA sidi amor
Have you involved stakeholders?
What are the obstacles to implementation of Best Practice ?
Isuffi cient funding instruments to support solution for NCW, Lack of public acceptance of water reuse
Did you receive funding for the research and development of the proposed BP?
Please indicate the source of funding
Private financing
Has your Best Practice been validated/upscaled?
Is there the potential to exploit/outscale the Best Practice?
Do you have or know any platform of sharing Best Practice that you would like to link to this inventory platform?
Does your Best Practice contribute to an innovation? If so, please provide a short description of the innovative component
Our best practice provides and facilitates access to treated wastewater, which will contribute to the development of research aimed at improving the quality of this water. As a result, we can expand its usage in agriculture
Please indicate the TRL associated with your Best Practice
TRL7 : System prototype demonstration in operational environment
Flow rate (m3/day)
Flow rate (m3/day) of treated NCW
Other (Please specify below)
Other Treated NCW use
Irrigation of industrial and animal feed crops
Is your Best Practice socially acceptable ?
Is your Best Practice economically viable ?
Is your Best Practice environmentally sustainable ?
Please indicate the other various social impact of your Best Practice :
Preservation of living environment, Sustaining natural ecosystems
What the improvement is induced by your Best Practice Solution?
Increase positive impact (social/economic/environmental effects), Increase in reuse possibilities
To which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) your Best Practice contributes?
SDG2: Zero Hunger, SDG3: Good Health and Well-being, SDG6: Clean Water and Sanitation, SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production, SDG15: Life on Land, SDG17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal