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Waterose : the reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture
Waterose is a student-led social entrepreneurship initiative aimed at promoting the reuse of treated wastewater of small wastewater treatment plants…
Living Green Wall for circular water
The Living green wall LGW is a system for treating grey water, recycling it in toilet flushes after disinfection and reusing it to irrigate an edible…
Tertiary treatment of urban wastewater by percolation infiltration
Inexpensive, effective and sustainable tertiary treatment process.
AHP-GIS based model development for selecting potential irrigation sites by treated wastewater in…
Water scarcity causes food insecurity and will hamper the energy supply, which are the two main factors of social stability. Water in the countries…
ALTERAQUA - Malta Project - Phase III
Promotion of the integration of Non Conventional Water Resources in the national water management framework, with a specific focus on rainwater…
“MEDISS – Mediterranean Integrated System for water Supply”,
The experimental activity aims to verify the potential of the membrane gas extraction technique for the recovery of high-purity concentrated ammonia…